Eisan, Annie Greta: See MacDonald – Eisan, Annie Greta

Englehutt, Kent: Lake Shore Mine’s First Fatality: Kent Englehutt was born in 1883 at Harrigan Cove, Nova Scotia to Thomas Englehutt and Rebecca Whidden. She died in 1886 when Kent was only 2 1/2 years old. Speculation has it, the death of the mother left Kent and two other siblings, aged 10 years or less, with their father who could not make a living and raise three small children at the same time. Therefore, they were left with an uncle’s family at Harrigan Cove. When Kent’s father remarried in 1892, Kent was about 9 years old and wanted to stay with his uncle as this was the only family he knew. At about 1920, Kent, at age 36, was employed in Kirkland Lake at the Lake Shore mine. On October 27, 1922 he fell from a bucket in a shaft and was killed. At the time he was married to the former Bessie Brydle and they had two daughters, Ruby and Lena. As there wasn’t a cemetery in the fledgling gold camp, the body was transported south, by train, to New Liskeard, Ontario for burial. Kent’s daughter, Ruby, was born in 1908 and died on November 6, 1986. Both she and her husband are buried side by side in the Kirkland Lake cemetery. (Source: Kirkland Lake, North Eastern Ontario: http://mileofgold.com/klc/index.php?id=95 )