Levine and Charles MacDonald

Today I added one headstone photograph to the page for St. Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Shiers Road, Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS. It is one of four steel crosses in a row.




This couple may be Lavinia Mary Parker and Charles Edmond McDonald who married on December 22, 1874 at Harrigan Cove. According to the marriage record, Lavinia was 19 years old at the time of marriage. She lived (and may have been born) at Owl’s Head, Halifax County, NS, the daughter of Letitia and Thomas Parker.

Charles was 23 at the time of the wedding. He was born at Harrigan Cove, the son of Mary and Daniel McDonald. He worked as a fisherman. This may be the same Charles who died August 23, 1931 at Harrigan Cove. According to his death record, he was Charles Edward McDonald, born April 4, 1847 at Harrigan Cove, the son of Miss Parker and Daniel McDonald.

The birth year calculated from Charles Edmond’s marriage record puts him born about 1851, so a few years off of the death record, which is NOT uncommon. Charles Edward was married, but no spouse was noted. His son, Edward C. MacDonald provided the information for the death record.

According to the 1891 Census, the family of Charles (age 40; born c1851) and Lavinia (age 35; born c1856) had a son named Edmond, who was five at the time. Their other children were William, Amelia, Daniel, Mary, Jerimiah and Annie.

I’ll leave this information as is, and individual researchers can use it to seek further evidence that the couple on the headstone matches those in the vital records and Census record. If anything further comes across my desk, I’ll added to their names in the Book of Names.

Update: I took a second look for Lavinia’s death record and found it. She was indexed as Mary Lavenia McDonald. She died April 12, 1932 at Harrigan Cove. According to the record, she was born November 11, 1854 at Owl’s Head, Halifax County, NS, the daughter of Lettie Parker and Thomas Parker. Although her mother was recorded as a Parker, I’d need more evidence to prove this was her actual maiden name.

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Atkins, Jennie Frances: Born April 15, 1901 at Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS, the daughter of Minerva Jane Swallow and Rueben Atkins.


4 thoughts on “Levine and Charles MacDonald

  1. Hello – I found your site through researching on the MacDonald line. My grandmother is Isabella Julia Macdonald of Trueman and Mary Ann. I am very interested in working on my MacDonald family history. I have started on Ancestry and Family Search and would love to correspond further.

    I have been trying to find information regarding the Rumley Line through Henry Ephraim and Margaret (Maggie) Catherine Rumley as well as Daniel MacDonald and Mary Ann (I don’t have a reliable last name….Furlong?).

    Please feel free to email me … KeepingM at G mail dot com or i’ve subscribed now to your comments and updates.


    • Welcome to the website, Michael. Daniel’s brother, William McDonald, is my great great-grandfather. The information on this family is spotty and sometimes contracts itself.

      From all but one record I found, Mary Ann was a Jordan. Their son’s death certificate (George Nicholas MacDonald) has the Jordan surname clearly written.

      • I don’t fret too much about Mc or Mac. Almost all my relatives used Mc before the 1930s. After that, they preferred to use Mac. I record them as they appear in records, choosing the one I find most. I prefer Mc because it’s shorter. It’s the same reason I spell my name ‘Diane’ instead of the ‘Dianne’ on my birth record.

        Regarding your link: I am aware of John’s page. He and I exchanged many messages and lots of information several years ago. We are related through the McDonald line.

        His research is spot on and accurate. If he has it on his site, he has a source to back it up.

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