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Smiley, Henrietta ‘Lillian’

March 28, 2017; Nova Scotia Genealogy

Henrietta Lilian Smiley, born 1881 in Port Dufferine, Halifax County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1881 – Page: 99000347

Application for Registration of Birth – Under the Vital Statistics Act, Chap. 3 Acts 1946

  • Name: Henrietta Lilian (sic) Smiley
  • Female
  • Born: November 28, 1881 at Port Dufferin, Halifax County, NS
  • Father: John Smiley, born Port Dufferin, living at Port Dufferin in 1881, fisherman, Scotch, currently deceased
  • Mother: Mary Jane Whitman
  • Signature of Applicant: First Cousin: Mrs. W. J. Balcom of 89 Preston Street, Halifax, NS, Mary 27, 1948. She stated, “I am a first cousin and we celebrated our birthdays together Nov. 28 our birthdays being the same day, and it was common family knowledge that she was in the year 1881.”

Smiley, Lillian Nina

March 28, 2017; Nova Scotia Genealogy

Lillian Nina Smiley, born 1914 in Port Dufferin, Halifax County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1914 – Page: 49700688 – Number: 49700690

  • Name: Lillian Nina Smiley
  • Female
  • Born: February 9, 1914 at Port Dufferin
  • Parents: Leonard Wallace Smiley (living at Port Dufferin, born at Port Dufferin, carpenter, Caucasian and Annie Catherine Wilson
  • Physician: W. E. Dunlop
  • Informant: Wallace Smiley of Port Dufferin, on March 9, 1914


Smith, Eva Isabella

February 20, 2017; Nova Scotia Genealogy

Eva Isabella Smith, born 1891 in Necum Teuch, Halifax County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1891 – Page: 99100244

  • Name: Eva Isabella Smith
  • Female
  • Born: August 13, 1891 at Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS
  • Father: Walter Wellington Smith, born Necum Teuch, living at Necum Teuch in 1891, fisherman, currently deceased, German-Scotch
  • Mother: Sarah Mcully (? Molly?, Meully?) Dunn
  • Signature of Applicant: Husband: Thomas H. Romkey of Necum Teuch, dated March 14, 1958. He wrote, “We were children going to school at the same time and we always knew our ages as compared to one another. Also the same of other of our childhood friends.”
  • Attached Document: Dated: May 28, 1958: Dominion Bureau of Statistics: Report of a Search of Census Records for Mrs. Eva Isabella Romkey, nee Smith, Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS: Dear Sir, I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter of April 8th to which was attached an application form for proof of age for the above named person from Census records. In the Census records of 1901 taken as of date April 1st the following entry appears: Isabelle Smith” 9 years of age, born August 13, 1891, in the province of Nova Scotia, and living at the date of enumeration in Smith Cove polling district with “Walter and Sarah Smith”. In the Census records for 1911 taken as of date June 1st the following entry appears: “Eva I. Smith” 19 years of age, born in the province of Nova Scotia, and living at the date of enumeration in Smith Cove polling district with “Walter W. and Sarah Smith”. 1891 written in pen beside this.
  • Attached Document: Oath to indicate the Family Bible has been viewed: The family of Walter Wellington Smith and Sarah McAilly? (McCully?); “on the leaf in large Family Bible”, recorded “Eva Isabella Smith, born August 13, 1891”.


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