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Shiers, William Jack

February 27, 2017; Nova Scotia Genealogy

William Jack Shiers, died 1948 in Moose Head, Halifax County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1948 – Page: 1891

  • Name: William Jack Shiers
  • Place of Death: Moose Head (sic), Halifax County, NS
  • Date of Death: February 11, 1948, age 81 years, 5 months, 23 days
  • Cause of Death: Coronary Occlusion, Heart Disease
  • Place of Residence: Moose Head (sic), Halifax County, NS
  • Male, Canadian, English, Married
  • Born August 20, 1866 at Halifax County, NS
  • Trade: Carpenter for 50 years, last worked ten years ago
  • Spouse: Eliza Shiers
  • Father: Albert Shiers, born Moosehead, NS
  • Mother: Eliza Moser, born Moosehead, NS
  • Informant: No Relation: Neil H. Smith of Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS
  • Buried: Moser River, NS, on February 13, 1948
  • Undertaker: D. K. Veinotte, Ecum Secum, NS


Smiley – Martin, Henrietta ‘Lillian’

March 28, 2017; Nova Scotia Genealogy

Henrietta Lillian Martin, died 1950 in Necum Touch, Halifax County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1950 – Page: 6689

  • Name: Henrietta Lillian Martin
  • Place of Death: Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS
  • Date of Death: December 18, 1950, age 69 years, 20 days
  • Place of Residence: Necum Teuch, NS (lived here for 50 years)
  • Female, Canadian, Scotch / Irish, Widowed
  • Born November 28, 1881 at Port Dufferin, NS
  • Trade: Housewife for 55 years; last worked 2 years ago
  • Father: John Smiley, born Port Dufferin, NS
  • Mother: Mary Jane Whitman, born Port Dufferin, NS
  • Informant: Son: W. W. Martin of Necum Teuch, NS
  • Buried: Moser River Cemetery on December 20, 1950
  • Undertaker:  –
  • Clerk: Ethel C. Pye


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