Early Settlers Cemetery ~ Herr Heinrich Moser Sr.

I discovered the Early Settlers Cemetery ~ Herr Heinrich Moser Sr. through a conversation with Gail Martin at The Trail Shop at Moser River, Halifax County, NS. I had previously not heard of the cemetery. It’s small, tucked away from every-day-passerbys on a dirt road off the Number 7 Highway. To get there, travel down Ferry Road and at the bend, turn right on Hannah Lane. Park at the next bend. Walk along the edge of the field and you’ll soon see a grassy path which leads to the cemetery. It’s only a two or three minute walk. The cemetery is on the shoreline overlooking Necum Teuch Harbour.

PLEASE, be respectful of the property you are walking on. Stay on the path and don’t wander onto other areas of the private property. Do not leave garbage behind. Do not make loud noises to disturb those who live or camp in the area. Do not take pets that may interfere with the graveyard or the residents. If you take small children (and I had three with me, all under the age of 10), keep them at your side. Don’t let them in anyway damage the cemetery or its headstones. Long before I visited this cemetery, my kids knew to respect graveyards.

The google map (at the bottom of this page) with the orange line and box will help you locate the cemetery if you chose to visit.

The first picture of the cemetery was taken at 1:25 pm, July 22, 2007, and the last at 1:31 pm. The photos can be used for personal use without seeking permission. Anyone seeking to use them commercially, please contact me (Diane: tibert@ns.sympatico.ca).

The Old Settlers Cemetery contains only three headstones with information. Most of the graves are marked with a simple steel cross. The cemetery was well-groomed with a lovely white fence in perfect working condition. The grass was neatly trimmed and the apple tree added beauty to the tranquil setting. A fitting sign graced the entrance way.

Headstone Photos and Inscriptions






The Google Map that will help you find it.