Vital Records

These include birth (late registration of birth), marriage and death records officially filed with the government. They are subject to errors as is any other source. However, the information gathered nearer to the date of the event is more accurate (in my experience) than information gathered long after the event has passed. In other words, a birth date is more accurate on a birth record than a death record. This won’t be true 100% of the time, but in the majority of instances. Human error is a possibility in every recording.

The common name considered to be fact will lead the vital record, followed by source information. The name, location and all other information found on the document will be spelt as it appears.

For death records, the cause of death won’t be included in most instances. I have found them difficult to decipher on many occasions, so I’ll leave that up to the individual researcher. Links to the sources are noted at the bottom of the page to check causes of death and to double-check the transcription. Although I strive for accuracy, I am prone to making human errors.

Birth Records

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Marriage Records

Death Records

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