Moser River Cenotaph

poppyToday I added a page for the Moser River Cenotaph. It honours the men who gave their lives in the name of freedom during the First and Second World Wars. It was dedicated to these men as well as all the men and women who served in those wars and the Korean War.

The page contains the names inscribed on the cenotaph and two photographs; one close and one at a distance. The cenotaph is located on the eastern side of the Moser River Community Play Ground, Number 7 Highway, Moser River, Halifax County, NS.

moser-river-cenotaph-full-edited1914 to 1918

  • Basil Atkins
  • George Englehutt
  • Courtney Hull
  • Arthur MacDonald
  • Guy Smith
  • Leonard Smith
  • Stuart Smith

1939 to 1945

  • moser-river-cenotaph-inscription-editedWallace Barnard
  • Walter Hillier
  • Baxter Jewers
  • Frank Lowe
  • Leslie Lowe
  • Frank Pye
  • Roger Smith
  • Walter Sponagle

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Atkins, Ross Anderson: Born: January 7, 1893 At Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS, the son of Nancy Mill and William Henry Atkins.


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