Who is Diane Tibert?

Diane is the creator Harrigan Cove website. Her McDonald ancestors settled in the area–formerly called Bay of Islands–in the late 1700s. The first McDonald ancestors, Alexander, is buried on MacDonald Island. Her grandmother, Eva McDonald, was born in Liscomb Mills, just east of Harrigan Cove.

Diane has passed through Harrigan Cove many times in her life, on her way to Liscomb Mills. When she became interested in genealogy, she began exploring the community further, taking pictures of headstones and reading various records, including census, church and vitals.

Through the Harrigan Cove website, Diane hopes to share the information she’s gathered in the the past three decades. She won’t be constructing family trees, only providing raw data for individual researchers to extract the information they need to construct their own. In that spirit, information on this site won’t strictly be connected to the McDonald family–though she has gathered more on them than other families–but to everyone who once and still do call Harrigan Cove home.

Diane Lynn Tibert McGyver is a writer, genealogist, historian, adventurer and author of the weekly genealogy column Roots to the Past.

If you have a connection to the community, please write: tibert@live.com.

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