Kathleen Marion Smith and Reuben Oscar Moser

Today I added a headstone photograph to the page of Riverside Cemetery, Moser River, Halifax County, NS.


Reuben O. Moser

1910 – 1963

his wife Kathleen M.

1916 – 2005

To Memory Every Dear

According to the birth record for Reuben Oscar Moser, he was born on December 24, 1910 at Moser River. He was the son of Melissa Bezanson and William N. Moser.

According to his marriage record, Reuben married Kathleen Marion Smith on April 29, 1933 at The Manse, Sheet Harbour, Halifax County, NS. At the time, Reuben was 22 years old and working as a labourer at Moser River. Kathleen was 17 years old when she wed. She was living at home with her parents Hattie Fraser and Frank Smith.

According to the death record for Reuben, he died August 2, 1963 in the Halifax Infirmary, Halifax, NS. He was only 52 years old and had started working for the Corps of Commissionaires three years earlier. The couple lived at 61 Pine Crest, Dartmouth, NS.

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Balcom, Edward H.: Born August 23, 1866 at Salmon River, Halifax County, NS, the son of Ann Unknown and Samuel Balcom.


2 thoughts on “Kathleen Marion Smith and Reuben Oscar Moser

  1. Thank you for posting this photo of my grandparents headstone! My fathers was Reuben and Kathleen’s eldest son Gerald who sadly passed away in 2007. We haven’t been back to Moser River since my grandmothers burial in 2006.

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