MacDonald Baby Born 1954 Mystery

Today I added the headstone for a boy who was born and died in 1954. There is no indication of who he is except for his last name. An attempt to find his death record on Nova Scotia Genealogy failed. Perhaps it was miss filed (in other words, the name was spelt incorrectly by the person entering the record into the database) or the year on the headstone is incorrect.


Baby MacDonald

1954 – 1954

Beloved Son

The next headstone photo taken after this one was for Pauline Ethel Romkey (1920 Necum Teuch – January 30, 1993, Sheet Harbour) and Gordon ‘Rexford’ MacDonald (twin; September 13, 1912 Harrigan Cove – May 21, 2001, Sheet Harbour). Could this baby boy be their son?

According to Bob Hegerich’s website Our Family – The Relatives (and In-Laws) of Robert L. and Mary J. (Mahoney) Hegerich, Pauline and Rexford did have an infant child who died before 1970. They had three other children who lived to adulthood: Susan, Thomas and Bonita J.

If anyone can shed light on who this little boy is, please send me (Diane) an email:

I’ve also added the headstone that contains the names of Pauline, Rexford and Bonita. These two headstones were filed under Churches, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Mc and Mac.


Pauline E. 1920 – 1993

wife of

G. Rexford: 1912 – 2001


Bonita J.: 1946 – BLANK


Updates to Harrigan Cove Site Today

Today I spent several hours adding information from an old website I used to keep. I’m still working on organising the data to connect it and make it easier to find. It will take weeks to do this.

The sections added today were…

  • Census: Eventually various censuses transcriptions will appear here
  • Family Pages: Links to websites dedicated to families that lived in Harrigan Cove
  • Index: A complete list of individuals mentioned on this site with links to the page they appear
  • Maps: Three relatively current maps of the Eastern Shore
  • Post Masters: A list of post masters that operated the local post office
  • Snippets: Short pieces of information found on the internet or in newspapers

The names on the headstones that were added were…

  • MacDonald, George – Steel Cross (George Ephraim)
  • MacDonald, Gladys – Steel Cross (Daughter of George Ephraim MacDonald and Julia Maud McDonald)
  • MacDonald, Hilda – Steel Cross (Daughter of George Ephraim MacDonald and Julia Maud McDonald)
  • MacDonald, Ilene – Steel Cross (Eileen; daughter of George Ephraim MacDonald and Julia Maud McDonald)
  • MacDonald, Lousia A. – Steel Cross (Might be the daughter of George Ephraim MacDonald and Julia Maud McDonald)
  • MacDonald, Maud – Steel Cross (Julia Maud McDonald)
  • MacDonald, Ruby – Steel Cross (Daughters of George Ephraim MacDonald and Julia Maud McDonald)

These four steel crosses were lined up beside each other. After a little research, I discovered Gladys (1921 – 1943), Hilda (1911 – 1933), Ilene (Eileen; 1925 – 1942) and Ruby (1916 – 1935) were sisters who died as young women. The last cross has their parents George Ephraim MacDonald and Julia ‘Maud’ McDonald.

Also, the steel cross in the same area for Mary MacDonald is also probably Maud and George’s daughter. Mary Maude McDonald was born and died in 1920 after only 9 days of life.


Addition of Four Headstone Images

yard-st-marys-anglican-churchToday, I updated the website by adding a section on churches in the area. The first church added was St. Mary’s Anglican Church located at 164 Shiers Road, Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS, just off the Number 7 Highway. It was consecrated on September 25, 1909.

In 2007, I visited the cemetery and took photographs of several headstones. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll add these images with inscriptions. I’ll post notice of the updates to this blog.

Added January 30, 2017

  • 2 images of the church yard and its sign
  • 4 headstone images, including one steel cross
  • 4 inscriptions

The names on the headstones were…

  • MacDonald, Anglene (1868 – 1950)
  • MacDonald, Beatrice M. (1912 – 1980)
  • MacDonald, Flora M. (1953 – 1953)
  • MacDonald, George N. (1857 – 1923)
  • MacDonald, Mary (steel cross)
  • MacDonald, Murdock Fisher (1907 – 1970)
  • MacDonald, Perry W. (1955 – 1955)

Where I am able to, and when I find time, I will link individuals to their obituaries, and eventually to a master list.