Marriages – Surnames Starting with T

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Tibert / Typert

Tibert, Maudie Lillas and McDonald, Jeremiah Freeman

February 24, 2017; Nova Scotia Genealogy

Maudie Lillas Tibert and Jeremiah Freeman McDonald married 1906 in Halifax County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1906 – Book: 1820 – Page: 192 – Number: 508

Note from Diane: The witness J. W. McDonald could be Maudie’s step-brother, John William.

  • Married October 31, 1906 at Harrigan Cove by license, Presbyterian
  • Groom: Jeremiah Freeman McDonald, age 24, bachelor, fisherman, living at Harrigan Cove, born at Harrigan Cove, parents: Charles (fishing) and Mary
  • Bride: Maudie Lillas Tibert, age 18, spinster, living at Liscomb, born at Liscomb, parents: John (lumbering) and Margaret
  • Witnesses: J. W. McDonald and Thomas McDonald
  • Clergyman: Rev. A. B. Dickie


Tingley, Anna Rebecca and Anderssen, Carl H.

March 20, 2017; Nova Scotia Genealogy

Annie R. Tingley and Carl H. Anderson married 1895 in Cumberland County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1895 – Book: 1810 – Page: 137 – Number: 83

  • Married June 4, 1895 at Northport by Licese, Ref. Presbyterian
  • Groom: Carl H. Anderssen, age 28, bachelor, captain, living at Moss, Norway, Born at Moss, Norway, parents: Andrew (ship owner) and Hilda
  • Bride: Annie R. Tingley, age 17, spinster, living at Northport, born at Northport, parents: Humphrey (sea capt.) and Annie
  • Witnesses: George B. Hillman and Agnes L. Campbell
  • Clergyman: Rev. Joseph H. Brownell


Atkins, Grace Evelyn and Travis, Charles Lockhart

March 16, 2017; Nova Scotia Genealogy

Grace Evelyn Atkins and Charles Lockhart Travis married 1930 in Halifax County
Item can be found in Registration Year: 1930 – Book: 59 – Page: 214

  • Groom: Charles Lockhart Travis, age 28, bachelor, manufacturer’s agent, United Church of Canada
  • Residence: 18 Lucknow Street, Halifax, NS
  • Place of Birth: Halifax, NS
  • Father: Charles Alfred Travis, born St. John, NB
  • Mother: Elizabeth M. Torfe?
  • Groom can read and write
  • Bride: Grace Evelyn Atkins, age 29, spinster, stenographer, United Church of Canada
  • Residence: 87 Preston Street, Halifax, NS
  • Place of Birth: Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS
  • Father: George W. Atkins, born Harrigan Cove
  • Mother: Margaret C. Smith
  • Bride can read and write
  • Married on July 20, 1930 at 87 Preston Street, Halifax, NS, license No. 17214
  • Signatures: C. Lockhart Travis and Grace E. Atkins
  • Witnesses: Marjorie A. Nearston? of 150 Henry Street, Halifax, NS, and Chas (Charles) G. Fisher of 106 Windsor Street, Halifax, NS
  • Clergyman: Harry B. Clarke, 25 Vernon Street, Halifax, NS, United Church of Canada


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