This page will contain links to churches and cemeteries in the area. Added to these pages will be headstone pictures, transcriptions and a history of the church and cemetery.

Harrigan Cove

St. Mary’s Anglican Church and Cemetery: 165 Shiers Road, Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS. The cemetery surrounds the church. The church and cemetery are easily seen from the Number 7 Highway.

Moser River

Early Settlers Cemetery ~ Herr Heinrich Moser Sr. is located on private property at the end of Hannah Lane, Moser River, Halifax County, NS. There is no church near by.

Riverside Cemetery: Located on the eastern edge of Moser River. As soon as you pass it, you enter Necum Teuch. There is no church on site.

St. Andrew’s United Church Cemetery: Church Loop, Moser River, Halifax County, NS: If you are watching as you pass, you’ll be able to easily see the church and the cemetery on Church Loop. The cemetery is a short distance from the church, towards Parlee Road.

Necum Teuch

St. John’s Anglican Church and Cemetery: 20 Necum Teuch Loop, Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS. The cemetery is off to the right, between the church and St. John’s Hall. The church and cemetery are easily seen from the Number 7 Highway.

Port Dufferin

St. James’ Anglican Church and Cemetery: This church and cemetery are located at the end of Smiley’s Point Road, overlooking Beaver Harbour, in Port Dufferin, Halifax County, NS. When travelling east on the Number 7 Highway, they can be easily seen across the water shortly before the bridge. However, heading west–towards Sheet Harbour / Dartmouth–a small section of it can be seen for a brief moment, and if you blink, you’ve missed it.


United Church Cemetery: Located on Number 7 Highway, Quoddy, Halifax County, NS. There is not church on site.

Saint Michael’s Catholic Church Cemetery: Located at 26553 Highway 7, East Quoddy, Halifax County, NS.

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