Ervin (Irvin) Freeman MacDonald

Today I added one headstone photograph to the page of St. Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Shiers Road, Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS.

39-macdonald-irvin-fIn Loving Memory of

Irvin F.

June 15, 1909

Aug. 31, 1956


Ervin’s name is spelt with an E in all public records. Only on his headstone did I find it with an I, so for the purpose of this website, I will write it with an E. His mother completed the death record in her handwriting, which is another reason to choose E.

Ervin Freeman MacDonald’s day of birth has multiple possibilities. Personally, the birth record should be the official one, but I’ll leave it up to the individual researcher to decide for themselves. The birth dates and their sources I’ve found are…

The one thing agreed upon is that he was born at Harrigan Cove. He was the son of Maudie Lillas Typert and Jeremiah Freeman MacDonald. He lived his whole life in the village. He did not marry, and I have not found any children he sired.

Ervin died on August 31, 1956 at Harrigan Cove. It appears he was on his way home from work (as it was the last day he had worked) as a labourer when he was struck by a car. He suffered a possible skull fracture and other fatal injuries.

His age at death is also one to ponder. The death record reads 41 years old though the number one could be used as a thin number eight. BUT, if he was 41 years old, then he would have been born in 1915, since he would have celebrated his birthday in 1956. Since he was recorded in the 1911 Census, 41 is incorrect. If he was 48 years old, he would have been born in 1908.

Here’s an image of his death record focussing on his age, so you can decide.


Alphabetical Birth Records Search

Searching for surnames starting with the letter A

Ashton, Nathaniel: Born December 12, 1874 at Smith Cove, Halifax County, NS, the son of Martha Elizabeth Smith and Joseph Ashton. [Note: He was indexed with the incorrect spelling of Nathanil]


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