Velma and Edward MacDonald

Today I added one headstone photograph to St. Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Shiers Road, Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS.

33-macdonald-edward-and-velma36-macdonald-edward-and-velma-centreSteel Cross

Left Blade: William Edward

Right Blade: Blanch Velma Gaudet

Base: MacDonald


Left Blade

Left Blade

Right Blade

Right Blade




I attempted and failed to find out more information on these two individuals. I’m unsure if they are siblings or a married couple. Because Gaudet is a surname, I’m leaning towards the pair being a married couple. If anyone has additional information they’d like to share, please contact me (Diane:

It appears the cross was either used before or errors were made and the original inscriptions were ‘blunted’ out and the new names crudely added. This cross sits about ten feet away from the headstone for Maude L. and Jeremiah F. MacDonald. Perhaps there is a connection there. As I continue with my work, perhaps I will find it.

However, the names that have been marked out—Blanch and William—may suggest something else. Also buried in the cemetery are Ella Blanch and her husband William J. McDonald. Perhaps the cross was initially made to mark their graves, and when a proper headstone was erected, the steel cross was repurposed.

Searching for vital records for Velma MacDonald uncovered nothing, but I found a birth record for Edward Stanley McDonald.

Edward Stanley McDonald was born September 11, 1874 at Harrigan Cove. He was the son of Isabel Marks and James MacDonald. James was a mariner at the time, and the couple were living at Harrigan Cove. They were married in 1873 at Dartmouth, Halifax County, NS. Without more research, I won’t know if this is the Edward inscribed on the steel cross.

I wrote a blog post about Captain James MacDonald and his wife here.

I’m going to file this mystery on the Mystery page as #2.

Alphabetical Birth Records Search

Searching for surnames starting with the letter A


Page 15 of 50: 1870

Ashton, Mary Ann: Born September 28, 1870 at Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS, the daughter of Martha Elizabeth Smith and Joseph Ashton.


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