Eva Isabella Smith and Gilbert Seymour Croft and Sons

Today I added one headstone photograph to St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS.


Gilbert: 1885 – 1935


Eva: 1891 – 1985


Ivan: 1929 – 1929

Orville: 1930 – 1937



According to Eva Isabella Smith’s birth record, she was born August 13, 1891 at Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS. She was the daughter of Sarah McCully Dunn and Walter Wellington Smith. An attached document states her mother’s name as Sarah McCully (? spelling). Her second husband Thomas H. Romkey provided a statement to confirm her birth date. On a document dated May 28, 1958, he wrote, “We were children going to school at the same time and we always knew our ages as compared to one another. Also the same of other of our childhood friends.”

According to Eva and Gilbert Seymour Croft’s marriage record, they wed on March 19, 1913 at Necum Teuch. Eva was 21 years old at the time. Gilbert was 27 years old and working as a labourer. He was born at Gegoggin, Guysborough County, NS, the son of Hannah Jane Mailman and Henry Croft.

Their son, Walter ‘Ivan’ Seymour  Croft, was on May 4, 1929 at Necum Teuch. He became ill with an intracranial abscess and died on September 13, 1929 at Necum Teuch. He was only 4 months, 9 days old.

Their son Master ‘Orville’ Croft was born September 1, 1930 at Necum Teuch. He became ill with Acute Cardites? (difficult to read) accompanied by Rheumatic Fever. He spent 48 days in the Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, NS, before he passed away on July 24, 1937. He was 6 years, 10 months, 24 days old. His older sister, Edith Croft of Necum Teuch, provided the information for his death record.

Gilbert passed away on March 27, 1935 at Necum Teuch from cerebral hemorrhaging accompanied by influenza. He was 50 years, 5 months, 7 days old. His death record stated he was born on October 20, 1885 at Gegoggin, Guysborough County, NS. He had worked as a labourer all his life. His daughter, Edith A. Croft of Nucum Teuch, provided the information for the death record.

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Page 11 of 50: 1868

Ashton, Agnes: Born December 3, 1868 at Necum Teuch, Halifax County, NS, the daughter of Martha Elizabeth Smith and Joseph Ashton.


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