George M. Whitman

Today I added a headstone photograph and an inscription to the page of St. James Anglican Church Cemetery.

whitman-george-mGeorge M. Whitman


Nov. 17th 1908

Aged 47 years

How desolate our home bereft of thee

I also added George’s death record and marriage record. He married Lucinda Atkins on November 21, 1885 at Liscomb. His parents were noted as Catherine and Leonard Whitman. Lucinda’s parents were Elizabeth and George Atkins.

The 1901 Census recorded Lucinda and George with their family of five kids: Gordon (14), Nettie (13), Stanley (10), Frederick (4) and Ernest (2).

Alphabetical Birth Records Search

Progress: Searching for surnames starting with the letter A, page 1 of 50


Atkins, William Henry: Born April 4, 1852 at Harrigan Cove, Halifax County, NS, the son of Francis Snow and Henry Atkins.


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