Hayes – MacDonald, Minnie Lois

Today, Minnie Lois Hayes’ headstone was added to the page for St. Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery on Shier’s Road, Harrigan Cove.




Minnie Lois

1888 – 1940

Ever Remembered – Ever Loved


No birth record was found for Minnie probably because birth registrations in the 1880s were infrequent. Her marriage record was found on the Nova Scotia Genealogy website. She married Gilford Morris MacDonald on November 18, 1913 at Harrigan Cove. The record shows she was born at Harrigan Cove and living at Beaver Harbour. However, her death record states she was born at Isaac’s Harbour, Guysborough County, NS. Since her father was born at Isaac’s Harbour, I’d have to say that’s where she was born too—but maybe not. Read on.

Minnie was 27 when she married to Gilford, who was 28.

According to the death record, Minnie was born on January 28th. No year was given, but her age of 53 years, 5 months, 22 days, indicate, she was born in 1887, not 1888 as the headstone suggests. She was the daughter of Mary Shiers, born at Harrigan Cove, and Joseph Hayes, born at Isaac’s Harbour, a fisherman. She died on July 20, 1940.

Minnie lived for 23 years at Harrigan Cove before she died. Her sister Winnifred Wamboldt (sic) (probably Wambolt) of 90 Young Street, Halifax, NS, gave the information for the death record.

Minnie Hays (sic) was found in the 1901 Canada Census, Nova Scotia, Halifax County, Port Dufferin, page 21 (Automated Genealogy). She was recorded as 14 years old, having been born January 28, 1887 (that’s 2 records for 1887 and 1 for 1888). She was the step-daughter of Leonard Jewers. It appears her father had passed, and her mother Mary (age 42) had married again.

Also in the household was Leonard’s step-children Bessey Hallet (age 21), Frank Hallet (age 19), Standford Hallet (age 18) and Winnie Hays (age 11, born September 26 (or 20), 1889). Winnie would have been Minnie’s sister Winnifred, who provided the information on her death record. Minnie and Winnie had both spent 10 months in school in 1900.

Looking further, I found Minnie’s mother’s delayed birth registration. Her full name was Mary Sophia Shiers and throughout her life, she used one or the other and sometimes an initial. Mary was born May 19, 1846 at Harrigan Cove. Her parents were Ann Backett and Frederick Shiers, a blacksmith who lived at Harrigan Cove. He had been born at Eastern Passage, Halifax County, NS.

More on Mary Sophia Shiers tomorrow.


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