Gilford Morris MacDonald

Today Gilford Morris MacDonald’s headstone was added to St. Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery on Shier’s Road, Harrigan Cove.



In Memory of

Gilford M. MacDonald


Feb. 8, 1924

Aged 38 Yrs.

Tho’ lost to sight, to memory dear


His death record was found on Nova Scotia Genealogy, stating he was born September 15, 1885 at Harrigan Cove, and that he was the son of Isabel Marks (born Ship Harbour) and Captain James MacDonald (born Harrigan Cove).

The surname is spelt McDonald in this record and his marriage record.

Gilford was married to Minnie Hayes at the time of his death. They had married on November 18, 1913 at Harrigan Cove. The record shows Gilford being born at Isaac’s Harbour and living at Harrigan Cove, but that might be the other way round. Which means Minnie was born at Beaver Harbour, not Harrigan Cove, and she had been living at Harrigan Cove at the time of the wedding.

Gilford was 28 at the time and working as a clerk, perhaps with his father who was a merchant. Minnie was 27 years old, the daughter of Mary and Joseph, who was a fisherman.

Also added to the site today was the marriage record of Amelia Publicover and Peter Moser who married on December 22, 1871 at Halifax, NS. At the time of their marriage, they were living at Bay of Islands.

Amelia, the daughter of Jane and John Publicover, was 24 years old. Peter, the son of May and Jacob, was 26 years old.


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