Vitals Section Added and Three Headstones

Today I added a section for Vitals Records. From there will be links to transcribed birth, marriage and death records. So far, the Death Records page contains two entries:

  • MacDonald, Arthur Gordon
  • MacDonald, Gladys

I added three headstones to the site today. The names on them were…

  • ? – MacDonald, Elizabeth: 1845 (H) – 1935 (H)
  • ? – MacDonald, Nina: 1904 (H) – 1931 (H)
  • Dahr, Agnes May A.: 1920 (H) – 1994 (H)
  • MacDonald, George A.: 1885 (H) – 1912(H)
  • MacDonald, Gordon: 1884 (H) – 1911 (H)
  • MacDonald, W. A. Stanley: 1895 (H) – 1979 (H)

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